Web Designing Course in Malayalam for Beginners


  • Learn to create a beautiful website step by step
  • No coding and previous experience needed
  • Designed for beginners
  • Two hours recorded video course


What you will learn in this course


  • How to buy a Domain name and Hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Install a Premier theme
  • Add an SSL certificate
  • How to add a Site icon and Logo
  • Plan your Website content
  • Create Pages
  • Design Pages from Scratch and using premade layouts
  • How Create a “Contact us” page
  • Set a Home page and Post page
  • Create Menu
  • How to add Internal and External links
  • How to create a Coming soon page
  • Floating contact options
  • How to create a Privacy policy page
  • How to Back up and Restore your website
  • Tips to improve your website
Web designing course in Malayalam_What you will learn

In this web designing course in Malayalam, you will learn to create a WordPress website step by step from scratch. It covers pretty much everything for a beginner and you just need to follow our structured course videos to create one. At the end of this course we provide some valuable tips to improve your skill and your website

Who this course is for

Beginners in Web designing

People who want to create website for their personal branding

Small business owners who are trying to create website by themselves

Digital Marketing Beginners

Anyone who likes writing blogs

Questions you may have

Can beginners do this course?

Yes, this course is specially designed for beginners who want to create a website without any previous experience and coding skill.

Can I do this course from my phone?

Yes, you can complete doing this course from your mobile phone. but you will need a computer to practice all your learning.

Is it a live training?

 No, it is a recorded video course which explains and shows you every step to create a website. You just want to follow those steps to create a website.

Eligibility to do this course?

There is no any predefined eligibility to do this course. anyone who are interested can purchase this course and create a beautiful website.

Duration of this course?

It is a two hours video course. You will get lifetime access once you purchased this course and you can complete the course in your convenience.

Can I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a course completion certificate after completing this course but practicing your learning is more important.

Web Designing course in malayalam

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